Wick and Wire Juice Company, a New Jersey Hidden Gem

Vapeco carries over 20 brands of premium eJuice, and have no plans on slowing down.  In our first year of business, we dedicated countless hours to finding the best of the best manufacturers.  In return, our visitors can always count on one thing, something new!  But what does it take to be on the Vapeco Juice Menu? It's not as easy as it may seem!

Our exact juice-curating formula is a secret, but we'll let you in on some of our thoughts.  To begin, the flavor and quality of the eLiquid is at the top of our list.  While some companies outshine the rest with pretty packaging and clever marketing, those manufacturers who put in the long nights of R&D really prove themselves the second the cotton is soaked.  

Luckily for you, our team has been working hard to search the U.S. for hidden gems like the brand we are writing about today.  Who not only make an A+ tasting quality liquid, but have some of the best looking bottles around!


Wick and Wire Juice Company was founded in 2014.  Their growing popularity in states like New Jersey (their home state) and New York got our attention.  The name Wick and Wire was chosen for obvious reasons.  Not only do they mix tasty eJuice, but they also sell their own brand of wire that will soon be available at Vapeco.  For now, you can shop for Firewire here.  Let's talk about their flavors.

Anessa (Coral): A rich and creamy inhale with a sweet vanilla body and a hint of luscious berry.

Baccate (Pink): A smooth and sweet melon inhale with a juicy peach exhale complimented by a touch of cream.

Cassia (Gold): A delicious buttery cake with a moist and delicate crumb, complimented by a savory cinnamon exhale.


Wick and Wire Juice Co. is available in 30ml frosted glass bottles.  Each bottle is equipped with a separate glass dripper (not shown in photos).  You can rest assured you're getting the biggest bang for your buck, these bottles are filled to the lid!  Stop by Vapeco or visit our webstore to order yours today!