Introducing Kobalt Vapors.

We would like to introduce the vaping world to Kobalt Vapors.

Kobalt Vapors was founded here in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013.  Since its launch, Kobalt has caught fire and we can barely keep it on the shelves.  With a 70/30 PG/VG ratio, Kobalt delivers a consistent full flavor complimented with the perfect throat hit.  Kobalt plans to release a line curated towards the RDA/RBA/Genny tank users.  This line will have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. 

We had a chance to catch up with the owner of Kobalt Vapors. Here's what we found out!


Vapeco: What made you decide to start manufacturing your own flavors?

Scott: After smoking for 22 years I discovered e-cigs. To say the least, I haven't looked back. At the time there were only a few eJuice vendors around, and most used flavorings from China.  Not satisfied with what was available, I decided to start researching and creating my own eJuice line.


Vapeco: You mentioned the use of flavorings from China. How do you make Kobalt and what makes it better?

Scott: Here at Kobalt Vapors, we ONLY use the finest USA-sourced flavorings, USP grade PG and VG, and pharmacy-grade nicotine all made in an FDA registered lab.  Another thing to note is that all of our flavors are diacetyl free!  Rest assured, you know you're vaping the good stuff.


Vapeco: Alright Scott, last question. Who is your favorite employee at Vapeco?

Scott: That's a tough one! The entire staff are amazing.  I would have to say Diego.  He's a big help when it comes to brainstorming for new flavor ideas.


If you haven't had the opportunity, give Kobalt Vapors a shot! We guarentee you'll fall in love! Click here to view!