Urgent: FDA Regulatory Effects on the Vaping Industry

Dear Vapeco Guest,

It has always been deeply rooted in our core values to provide every guest with a unique and upscale vaping experience. Recent events involving the Food and Drug Administration and their regulation of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, and several other components of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) will slightly alter your experience with us. Since our inception, your experience as a guest has been our top priority. This will remain unchanged. 

The FDA has deemed that effective August 8th, 2016, no vape shop / electronic cigarette retailer will be allowed to..


1. Provide Free Tasting Samples

2. Provide Free Coil Rebuilds of Any Type

3. Mix Any Custom E-Liquids

4. Attempt to Repair Your Device, Warranty, Troubleshoot, or Update Any Software

5. Fill Your Tank or Device with E-Liquid

6. Set-Up Your Equipment (Tanks, Mods, Kits, RDAs, etc)


We are forced by the FDA to charge a reasonable amount for sampling e-liquid. We have deemed this to be $0.50 per visit. Proceeds of the e-liquid sampling surcharge will be donated to vaping advocacy groups and pro-vaping political candidates. 


Vapeco has never mixed custom “in-house” e-liquids. Instead we will continue to provide quality e-liquid manufactured in the USA in accordance with FDA regulations like we always have. While we cannot setup, troubleshoot, warranty, service, or update your device, we are able to verbally assist with any issue. If we do not adhere to these regulations, the FDA considers us to be committing a criminal act. 


We believe that the FDA is committing what should be considered a criminal act. They are blatantly limiting our right to choose a less harmful product. We need your help more than ever. The future of vaping will be seriously jeopardized without your participation and support. If we do not act, 99% of the products we know and love will no longer be available in two to three years. It is your right to use a less harmful product. We URGE you to get involved.


Please feel free to contact us via email at info@vape-co.com with questions, comments, or concerns.